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At English-to-go we have more than 1800 teaching resources: a huge number to sort through.
So, to make things interesting we've decided to give away some of our editors' favourite lessons.
Hope you enjoy them too!

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Warm or Cold, There's Something For You All!


Where I'm sitting, it's cooling down as we head into winter. Where you're sitting it may well be hotting up. Wherever you are, there's something for you.

This month's lessons include an entertaining one for Elementary students on how much a prom costs for American high shcool students (Cost Of The Prom - Elementary Instant Lesson) and one on the increasingly elaborate afterprom parties being organized by American parents in the hope of keeping their kids drug and alcohol-free. Door prizes might be anything from a car to a scholarship (Party Bribes - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson).

We look at how China is attempting to care for its rural elderly people in a scheme which has the elderly caring for the very elderly. (Old and Older - Advanced Instant Lesson) There are also new vocabulary, grammar and online resources.

And then of course if we haven't got what you want, why don't you enter our... 'Most Wanted Resource' competition!

Would you like a resource or lesson created especially for your class by us? Do you need to teach a particular topic or language point?

Why not enter our "Most Wanted Resource" competition? The winning entry will be turned into an English-to-go.com printable resource!

The resource will include a dedication to the winner with a photo of them and their class. We'll also make it a free monthly resource so that thousands of teachers and students can see the winner and their students when they visit http://www.english-to-go.com and use the resource in class.

How do I enter?
Send a brief email to editor@english-to-go.com telling us what kind of resource you need (an Instant Lesson, a vocabulary or grammar worksheet, a speaking resource or a warmer), what level this resource would be for (elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate or advanced) and other details like age of students, suggested language point or topic of interest.

What will I win?
If you win, you will be featured in a new resource which will then be put up in the English-to-go.com Teachers' libraries on www.english-to-go.com and displayed as the Free Monthly Resource for one month. The resource will include a dedication to you and your students with a photo of you and your class, if you wish. We will also mail you a printed copy of the resource personally signed by the Editor of English-to-go.com. And if you aren't already a member of ETG, we'll throw in a three-month gold membership so you can see your resource in our library.

Do I have to pay anything to enter?
No, this competition is open to all teachers, whether you are a member of English-to-go.com or not.

Terms and conditions:
Competition closes 21st June 2013. Judges' decision is final. If a photo of students is included, the winner must provide confirmation that students gave permission for their photo to be included. Photos cannot be returned. The resource created is copyright English To Go Ltd.

Best wishes from
The English-to-go team

Newest Resources

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Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include: 

- Cost Of The Prom - Elementary Instant Lesson
American girls are going to spend more money on prom dresses this year. Proms, shopping and beauty, planning a prom date, be going to.

- What's In A Name? - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
What were the most popular names for babies in 2012? Names, famous people, retelling and comparing, word order.

- Party Bribes - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Parents, schools and civic organizations are using extravagant door prizes in the USA to encourage high school students to attend supervised, alcohol-free events after their annual high school proms. Teenagers and parties, proms, teenage social behavior, pair crossword.

- Old and Older - Advanced Instant Lesson
A village where the elderly care for the very elderly will become a model for aged care in China. Aging, China, care of the elderly.

- Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Hotel Words - Pre-Intermediate
Words for staff, places in a hotel and different useful expressions.

- Phrases, Clauses, Compound and Complex Sentences - Anna Grammar Worksheet
A worksheet with exercises explaining the difference between phrases, clauses, compound and complex sentences.

- Toys, Toys, Toys - Elementary Instant Workbook
Find out about the new cafe for Barbie lovers. Listen to two children talking about their toys. There are eleven exercises to do. Grammar - have got

Featured lesson
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Father's Day Sunday June 16th.
- Modern American Dads Given a Raw Deal? - Advanced Instant Lesson
Author Michael Lewis says there really wasn't much difference between being a Salomon Brothers bond trader and becoming a father - he was woefully ill-prepared for both jobs. Parenting, being a father, male and female parent roles, giving definitions, listening and writing, sharing opinions.

- Testing Fathers - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Men in Japan can now do a 'daddy exam'. The exam tries to make men think more about being dads in a country where men usually work long hours and leave their wives in charge of childrearing and household chores. Parenting, work, families, Japan, present simple questions.

Free lesson
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Fill 'er Up? - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Regus, a provider of ready-to-use office space is opening up workplace hubs and lounges in 70 petrol stations in and around Berlin.
Expressions used with business equipment, present simple tense uses and forms.

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This Month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from one of this month's free lesson, the Intermediate Instant Lesson, 'Fill 'er Up!'.

-Filling up on petrol station offices
Wed Mar 13, London - Seeking a place to work out of the office that is quieter than a bustling coffee shop and provides drinks, printers, Wi-Fi and even petrol? Regus, a provider of ready-to-use office space, thinks it has the answer.
It has teamed up with Shell Germany to open up workplace hubs and lounges in 70 petrol stations in and around Berlin that will provide Wi-Fi hotspots, scanners, printers, phone charging and even meeting rooms, depending on the space available.
"You already see people working in Starbucks, hotel lobbies. They want facilities they're not getting there though, such as printers, phone charging, the ability to sit somewhere quiet and make a phone call," Phil Kemp, global managing director for Regus Third Place told Reuters.
The hubs are what Regus terms the 'third place' for workers, the first and second being the office and the home. Working in this way is a trend that is being driven by the explosion in tablet computers and smartphones.
"People are no longer bound by the nine-to-five, or having to physically be in an office," Kemp said.

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