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Featured Story

The Winning Entries in our 'Tips To Stop Bullying' Competition
Last month we invited teachers to contribute tips on how to stop bullying, a topic covered in 'Under Attack', an Upper Intermediate lesson which is our Free Resource this month.

Many thanks to those teachers who sent in entries and congratulations to the successful contributors who won a month's free gold membership to English-to-go.com Here are the contributions from the three winners:

Tips To Stop Bullying
Teaching greetings to the pupils at first is a way to invite them to use the right words to respect themselves in class.
As a teacher for foreign students in English I often practiced the socializing notions which helped the pupils to be respectful between one another! It created a learning mood and less tension in class. The pupil who did not comply with the greetings was given by the others some extra work in English as an imposition: usually the grammatical headlines they had just been taught!

From a retired English teacher in France, MJ

Enlist the support of other students in refusing to tolerate bullying esp students who are alpha. This can work when those students are confident and supportive of the school...Make places like various clubs where people can go to avoid bullies and hopefully build self esteem through developing skills and contacts.
From Jean

Use the 'silent' majority of bystanders and followers. They are often crucial in turning normal group explorative behavior into harassment and serious bullying.
By working with the group in role-plays (using simple cases at first and complicating the cases later on) and selecting the obvious victims and leaders as chairmen and/or judges (or reporting observers) their behavior can be seen in action. If you can film the role-plays and discuss them afterwards all participants can see and hear how the group acts as a dampener ór catalyst of these processes.
This takes time, it's true. But then, these are powerful social processes which can severely hinder the learning process throughout the school year, or career. I say: it's time well invested.
All this can only be done in an environment where there is constant attention for the rules in the group (listening, giving feedback and 'think-before-you-act' rules).
It should also always be clear that bullies are punished (how and what in a school protocol).
Finally: never leave out the parents in these matters (inform them, invite them, make them contribute).

From Sjef

We are still keen to hear from you so if you have any tips to prevent bullying in the classroom send your tips by email to the following address: editor@english-to-go.com

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This month's Point of Interest
This month we hear from Ratovohery, in Madagascar, whom English-to-go has been supporting with lessons for the last 6 months in training graduates "to become effective english teachers and reach more and more Malagasy people".

He continues, "Greetings to you all members of ETG; Our country is a big island, it has around 20 million inhabitants. Our first language is Malagasy but many speak French because we are a French colony and next comes English which many can't speak yet, however, they become more and more interested in learning it because more English tourists have become interested in visiting us nowadays... as far as our school is concerned, it is called Alpha school; there are 5 teachers and about 120 students there..."

"Your lessons have helped me in a way that it is easier for me to prepare any topic, for example, tourism, education and so on. I was downloading them, after that duplicating them and giving them to my students and having my students try to talk about the topics after explaining the different kinds of vocabularies there. Thanks for helping."

User Comments
Thank you for your services, it was very useful and enjoyable to use.
Carole, USA

Congratulations on a truly excellent site.

Many thanks for the great work you are undertaking to help teachers around the world.
Rachid, Tunisia

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