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Welcome to english-to-go
Balloon Dresses and Roaring Lions

Welcome to September!
If you're wondering what on earth to teach this month, have a look at our new resources.

Wondering how to get to know your students? For those of you heading into a new school year, our Featured Resources will help: English-to-go's speaking games and wacky activities can help break the ice in your first classes.

Wondering where next to teach? Then do this lesson ('The oldest, the tallest, the most expensive...' - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson) with your students and find out which cities are the most expensive in the world according to the 2011 survey.

Wondering what to wear? How about a dress made from balloons designed by Japanese balloon artist, Rie Hosokai ('Balloon Dress!' - Elementary Instant Lesson) Just watch out for needles!

Wondering what brands to buy? Our latest Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson looks at how brands can be affected by world events with Levi Strauss hoping to attract new customers by tapping into the "Arab Spring". ('Once one of the most coveted in the world...')

Wondering what to do for the 2011 Rugby World Cup with your students? Introduce your students to Auckland, one of the hosting cities of the Cup in 2011, with a warmer on Auckland City. See if you can answer some trivia questions about Auckland and impress your students! ('Famous Cities - Auckland, New Zealand' - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate and above)

Wondering how to get to sleep at nights? Would you prefer to be lulled to sleep by lions or sheep? Our latest Intermediate Instant Lesson looks at what Britons like to listen to when trying to get to sleep. ('Counting Sheep?')

Something for everyone? We think so!
Best wishes
The English-to-go team

New Resources this Month

Click here to access the new resources.

Newest resources in the Teachers' Room include:
- Balloon Dress! - Elementary Instant Lesson
 A dress made from balloons?  Japanese balloon artist, Rie Hosokai, used 200 balloons for a dress. 35-year-old Hosokai used balloons for the mini-dress. Dress design, do/does as an auxiliary, shopping for clothes dialogs and language, completing a table of information about clothes.
- The oldest, the tallest, the most expensive... - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Tokyo is still the second most expensive city in the world for expatriates after Luanda in Angola. World's most expensive cities, superlative adjectives, writing a headline, completing a table of information.
- Counting Sheep? - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Britons now prefer listening to lions roaring and monkeys calling to help them get to sleep, according to a new survey. Miss too much sleep and risk becoming mentally retarded.   How to get to sleep, research, health, brain, 'even if', 'even so' and 'even though'.
 - Once one of the most coveted in the world... - Upper Intermediate Instant Lesson
Levi Strauss will attempt to tap into the revolutionary spirit of the "Arab Spring" with a "Go Forth" global marketing campaign aimed at attracting youthful customers back to a jeans brand that was once one of the most coveted in the world. Brands, prepositions.
- India Schoolgirl Defies Tradition  -  Advanced Instant Lesson
Her fate looked sealed when her family began organizing the nuptial celebrations. But the bride-to-be wasn't ready to say "I do." 15-year-old Sapna Meena in April joined a small but growing number of girls who are standing up against the widespread practice of child marriage in India. Child marriage, education, marriage, India.
- Famous Cities - Auckland, New Zealand -Weekly Warmer - Intermediate and above
This activity helps students learn about Auckland in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
  - Anna Grammar Worksheet - "in order that, in order to, so as to and so that"
Exercises on the use and position of purpose clauses.
- Safe SUVS? - Pre-Intermediate Instant Workbook
Read about SUV safety and listen to an interview with a contented SUV owner. Listening - multiple choice, ordering, Vocabulary - crossword puzzle, suffixes, Reading - completing a table, short answers .

For access to these and more than 1,700 other resources

Back to school!
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Featured Lessons

Getting to Know you
Time to go back to school?  Here are some resources to make easier the job of getting to know your students

Featured Resources include :  
  - Ask Me A Question - Weekly Warmer - Intermediate
This warmer is good for the first class of the semester when students are getting to know their teacher and each other.

- Getting To Know Each Other - Weekly Warmer - Elementary
I use this warmer at the beginning of a new class as an ice-breaker. It can give you a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your new students in just a very short time.

Click here to go to our Featured Resources!

Free Lesson

Click here to access the Free Lesson

- Mom Salary - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Many U.S. mothers feel like single parents, whether they are married or not, and two out of three resent handling all the household chores even when they prefer their partners to stand aside, a new survey shows. (Mothers, jobs, occupations, income, subordinate conjunctions, linkers.)

This month's Point of Interest

This month's Point of Interest comes from our Weekly Warmer , 'Famous Cities - Auckland, New Zealand ', venue of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Travel Postcard: 48 Hours in Auckland
AUCKLAND (Reuters Life!) - Got 48 hours to explore Auckland? Reuters correspondents use their local knowledge to help you get the most out of New Zealand's biggest city...
SATURDAY 2 p.m. - Volcanoes define the cityscape. Rangitoto island's symmetrical volcanic cone, visible from all over Auckland, is a great daytrip: hop on a ferry for forty minutes from downtown and head up to the 259-meter summit. A gently winding path leads through the black scoria fields but if a trek doesn't appeal, take the easy route and ride up in a small four-wheel drive tram. Further on across the water are the vineyards and sandy white shores of another volcanic island, Waiheke. Fullers ferries organize tours to three award winning wineries, Stonyridge, Cable Bay and Mudbrick.
6 p.m. - Back on the mainland, stay harbor side and try Viaduct Basin after dark. Flagship restaurants are glitzy Italian Portofino for harbor views, at 13A Custom Street West, and classy Kermadec at 1/F, Viaduct Quay, which measures the freshness of its seafood by the minute, not the hour...
9 p.m. - Stroll back to Quay St in Viaduct Basin for pubs, cocktail bars and clubs by the sea. Auckland city - Rugby world cup
SUNDAY 10 a.m. - Time for a "flat white". The localized cappuccino, is stronger, less frothy and larger than the Italian original. Take the ferry across from downtown for a Devonport breakfast...Finish off with a walk along Devonport Beach, and if you're feeling energetic, up the grassy slopes of North Head - another extinct volcano.
12 p.m. - Fancy a swim? The city's closest black sand beaches are forty minutes drive southwest over the Waitakere Ranges and have been the backdrop of several movies...
5 p.m. - Back in town brush up your knowledge of New Zealand art at Auckland Art Gallery. The gallery on the corner of central Wellesley and Kitchener Streets has the country's most extensive collection. Alternatively, for a look at the natural beauty of the Southern Ocean, head to at Kelly Tarltons Underwater World on seafront Tamaki Drive. Kids love it...
7 p.m. - ...To cram in a final bit of sightseeing as you eat, head to top-level revolving restaurant Orbit, which circles the top of a 328 meter tower [called the Sky Tower], the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere. The tower is also used for bungy-jumping. 

Thomson Reuters 2011

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