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* Today's Top Teaching Tips!... "Is weekend gossip disrupting classes?"
* Instant Workbook............. "Chimp Burglar"
* Pre-Intermediate Lesson...... "The Great Tenor"
* Intermediate Lesson.......... "Around the World in a Balloon"
* Upper Intermediate Lesson.... "Woman Remembers Three Centuries"
* Anna Grammar................. "Questions - Did you not?"
* Weekly Warmer................ "Mime Your Holiday"
* The Last Word................ "Academy Rewards"

Today's Top Teaching Tips! - What to do if weekend gossip disrupts your

* Incorporate it into class as "Monday News".
* Students have two-minute conversations in pairs then change partners, (repeat three times).
* Eavesdrop and use that information to build word or phrase lists based on student language
* Have students report back, then get students to use new language to write paragraphs and sentences about themselves and other students.

Instant Workbook - Elementary Level - "Chimp Burglar"
British police are looking for a chimpanzee who has stolen things from London homes. Skills include: Vocabulary - Choosing the right noun in context. Available from 14 August 2002

Pre-Intermediate Lesson - "The Great Tenor"
Luciano Pavarotti knows exactly what he wants to do next - he would love to teach singing and he is happy to do it for nothing. The world's most famous opera star said last month that he will retire on his 70th birthday and won't sing anymore. Available from 14 August 2002

Intermediate Lesson - "Around the World in a Balloon"
U.S. balloonist Steve Fossett ended his record-breaking solo round-the-world flight being dragged like a rag-doll through the dusty Australian outback. Available from 14 August 2002

Upper-Intermediate Lesson - "Woman Remembers Three Centuries"
The wrinkles in Hava Rexha's pale skin were carved by a life spanning three centuries, under Ottoman Turkish rule, Albanian monarchy, Italian occupation and Stalinist dictatorship. On August 14th 2002, surrounded by 120 offspring of four generations, she was 122 years old. Available from 14 August 2002

Anna Grammar - "Questions - Did you not?"
Sergiy from the Ukraine sent Anna a lovely letter asking about Did you not...? Didn't you ..?, and the use of articles. Available from 14 August 2002

Weekly Warmer - "Mime Your Holiday"
This is a good activity to use when students have returned to school after a holiday. Available from 14 August 2002

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The Last Word -
Since winning an Oscar can add millions of dollars to a movie's earnings, it's also called 'an Academy Reward'.

Quote of the week: "When ideas fail, words come in very handy." - Goethe (1749-1832)

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