Course Outline - Units 1 - 12

Unit One - Let's Have A Party! (Festivals and Holidays)
Language - present simple and present continuous

Unit Two - That’s Quite Amazing (Science and Technology)
Language - present perfect

Unit Three - Having Fun (Sport and Leisure)
Language - past simple, past continuous and past perfect

Unit Four - Changes (Relationships, Careers and Images)
Language - expressing quantity

Unit Five - What Will The Future Hold (Futuristic Inventions and the Future)
Language - future forms

Unit Six - Rights and Responsibilities (International issues)
Language - relative clauses

Unit Seven - Our Natural World (Animals, Plants and the Weather)
Language - verb patterns

Unit Eight - How Healthy is your lifestyle? (Health issues)
Language - modals

Unit Nine - It Could Kill you! (Environmental Concerns)
Language - reported speech

Unit Ten - How Good is Your Memory? (Education)
Language - habits and routines

Unit Eleven - Let’s Go Shopping (Consumer Issues)
Language - conditionals

Unit Twelve - How Do We Get There? (Travel and Transport)
Language - definite, indefinite and zero articles

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